Plastics have moulded the modern world and transformed the quality of life. Plastics, because of their many attractive properties, such as lightweight, high strength and ease of processing, meet a large share of the material needs of man, and that too at a comparatively lesser cost and causing lesser environmental implications.

Plastics waste recycling constitutes one of the main components of integrated plastics waste management system. Recycling has several societal and economic benefits . Recycling extends disposal capacity, saves money in disposal costs, conserves natural resources, creates jobs and provides a reliable and cost effective feedstock to the industry.


Industry claims that 60% of plastic waste in India is recycled, the highest rate of recycling in the world. In comparison, the world on an average recycles only about 22% of its plastic waste.


Plastics Waste is imported by Aishwarya Plast Exports Pvt Ltd (100 EOU) for its factories situated at Vadodara (Gujarat) and Kalamgaon (Maharashstra)

Factory- (I) at Vadodara is operational since 2001 and imports Baled Plastic Scrap

The said scrap consists of plastic sheets, films etc. collected from various plastic processing industries which are rejected by the plastic processors due to manufacturing errors. The said scrap is collected mechanically and dumped in large yards where they are assembled into bales by compression techniques and thereby compressed to fit into a container thereby making it worthy of efficient transportation. The recyclying process can be elaborated as hereunder:

  • Segregation and Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Shredding Twin Stage Extrusion
  • Cooling
  • Palletization

The present total installed capacity of the unit is 5292 tons per annum comprising of 4092 tons of recycled plastic granules/agglomerates and 1200 tons of plastic bags respectively.

Factory-(II) at Kalamgaon is operational since 2013 and imports Petrochemical Plant Lumps
Petrochemical reactors manufacturing virgin plastic granules undergo various operations during which different grades of plastics granules are produced which have different Melt Flow Index (MFI), depending upon the end use of the product. When a reactor swings from one particular MFI to another, Polymer Plant Lumps are generated within the reactors which are ultimately flushed out by vacuum pumps. These Polymer Plant Lumps are in the form of molten mass of polymeric materials which is collected into containers directly from the processing units and shipped. These Polymer Plant Lumps are cut mechanically into brick shaped pieces then grind-and made into small popcorn shaped material which then undergoes the process of pelletization through twin stage extruders into uniform pellets. The total installed capacity is 7000 tons / annum.

Factory- (III) at Vadodara shall be operational shortly and shall import Baled Plastic Scrap and the operation is similar to the existing operations at Factory- (I) at Vadodara
The total installed capacity of the unit is 6650 tons per annum of recycled plastic granules from secondary waste. The total annual installed capacity of the three plastic recycling factories is approx. 13650 tons for Plastic Reprocessed granules and approx. 7200 tons of Plastic Bags . The reprocessed granules manufactured in the said three locations comprises of HDPE , PP, LDPE, LLDPE.


The recycling machinery, includes Bensaw cutters , grinders, film shredders, fluid bed driers, agglomerators. twin stage granulator (palletizers) ; which constitute complete recycling plants which are installed in order of chronology in process.


The directors have established excellent contacts with the international raw material suppliers and therefore in the present venture, procurement of raw materials is not an impediment at all. The directors intend to capitalize on their trading relationship of more than two decades with their overseas counterparts for sourcing their imported raw material requirements and a strong marketing network to sell the reprocessed granules owing to the pan India presence of the group, through wholesalers, traders, manufacturers and consignments stockists.