It is my firm belief that all of us have a responsibility to protect the earth for future generations and spread happiness in our communities. At JJ Group, our employees are our family, and we pride ourselves on promoting sustainable, earth-friendly plastic products for the global market. All our products and services come with our team’s personal guarantee that you will be satisfied. We make a commitment to you that we will go above and beyond the call of duty to strive towards perfection.

The Company has reviewed its’ environmental performance and identified the business activities, products and services that interact with the environment. Our Environmental Management System provides a framework for setting environmental objectives and targets to help improve our overall performance. We are committed to comply with all applicable environmental legislative and other requirements to which we subscribe and, within reasonable economic means,
• Avoid, reduce or control pollution
• Continual improvement of environmental performance
• Minimise the creation of waste and wherever possible establish a use for such waste
• Ensure, where practicable, all vehicles and equipment are as environmental and fuel efficient as possible
• Ensure, where practicable, efficiency in the use of energy, water and other natural resources
• Work with our supply chain to identify environmental opportunities
• Ensure our policy is communicated to our employees, suppliers, contractors and other interested parties
• We will note and take into account the views of the public and any other interested parties with respect to the environmental aspects of our operations.