JJ Group has been engaged in the business of trading of Plastic Polymers – LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP& Specialty Polymers – PVC Resin & EVA for more than two decades. The group has diversified into trading of Specialty Polymers since 2005. Having established firmly in the trading activity in the domestic market, there has been paradigm shift in the group vision since last 10 years to diversify into international markets. This has resulted the group foray into manufacturing and export of plastic finished products particularly plastic bags. The key markets identified in the initial stages were UK & rest of Europe. Having successfully established ourselves in these markets, the potential market now targeted is USA.

Mr. Joseph John Parakkott
Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Joseph John Parakkott is a first generation entrepreneur and Chemical Engineer. He spearheads the key managerial functions of procurement of plastic raw material both inland and overseas and finance. At present, he also oversees the important managerial functions of strategic business development and planning and overall control and management.

Mr. Vijay Menon

He is a science graduate with over 2 decades experience in plastic trading and manufacturing. He operates from Delhi – North Region Head Office. He is primarily responsible for marketing and business development in both domestic as well as international markets. He is also involved in all strategic decision making process of the entire business affairs of the group.